Natasha Miha – vocals, keyboards

Natasha MihaStarting at the age of 5 as a young choir singer and pianist, Natasha continuously acquired her knowledge and comprehensive education in the field of classical music and opera performance.

Over the years, her interest in the music of Chopin and Rachmaninoff, gradually morphed into broader scope including genres like classic, progressive and psychedelic rock, gathering inspiration from bands like Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Led Zeppelin, SOAD and many others.

In 2013, she graduated at the opera-singing department at FMU Skopje with the highest grade – Cum Laude. In 2016 she finished her Master’s Degree, acquiring the title Master of Arts in Music.

She has performed and participated at many events and concerts across the country and abroad. Her musicality and musical sensibility is easily recognizable in her solo, multimedia-driven concerts and recitals, where her bold presence, hair color and expressive vocal interpretation can’t go unnoticed.

Natasha also took part as a member of several bands, most notably – Bondi Blue and Damir Puh solo band, releasing original music and performing at venues and international festivals, where she continuously handles the vocal and frontwoman duties with rock attitude and flair.

Karnivool – “All I Know” says it all 🙂

Fruits, veggies and nuts. Lot’s of nuts

American Beauty is a movie that affected me the most in my teen years. Regarding books I’ll say Jung’s Map of the Soul by Murray Stein

Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Queen, Nightwish, Chopin, Rachmaninoff

Inner self, self-knowledge, being aware of my boundaries and trying to push them higher

Cats, fitness, painting and drawing, taking care of my home plants

In my teenage years, I had a conversation with my singing teacher about the power of music and its ability to influence people. A life-changing moment for sure

Envisioning myself  in 10 years  

Damir Puh – guitar

Damir PuhA versatile player able to cover many genres of music, Damir’s playing style can be defined as a blend of power, intensity, sophistication, and taste, always retaining that unmistakable rock attitude and sound.

Damir picked up the guitar at age 13, inspired by numerous classic rock and blues bands and artists. That initial spark was later complemented by his passion for instrumental, progressive and fusion genres as well. As a mainly self-taught guitarist, his musical development was driven by the desire to explore different genres of music, find a unique voice on the instrument and reach a high level of technical proficiency in order to execute a wide array of musical ideas regardless of their style and level of complexity.

Writing, recording and performing original music has always been the main focus for Damir, even since the beginning of his musical journey. Over the years he has released music as a solo artist, as well as being a member of full-time bands, performing at renowned national festivals and events, doing music for film, producing bands and teaching online, all while making a name in the guitar community by participating and winning awards in online guitar competitions – Top-8 finalist at Guitar Idol 4 (2014), Winner in the rock guitar category and 3rd place in the overall ranking of “Six String Theory” (2014), “Guitar Master” finalist (2010), Live4Guitar winner (2010) and others.

Apart from his work as an instrumentalist and composer, he also focuses on music production, blending his creative side with the need to realize projects with a clear artistic and sonic vision and tame his inner control-freak.

Damir’s debut solo album “Recollection” was released June 14, 2017.

A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater – long, complex & “90s”

Crossroads. Vai/Cooder Crossroads, not the Britney one 🙂

60s blues, 70s rock, 80s metal, 90s prog & guitar instrumentals, current rock/prog scene

It’s a clear vision. Once developed it simply guides you forward

Football, movies & books. It’s music 97% of the time tho

Discovering Yngwie, Satch and Vai in a span of one week

Stefan Petanovski – guitar

Stefan PetnovskiStefan began playing the guitar at the age of seven, inspired by concert footage of bands like Toto, Whitesnake and Deep Purple that were constantly playing in his home. He learned the basic techniques of the instrument with the help of his father who also plays guitar as a hobby and later continued to improve and evolve his technique and style, learning on his own from books, videos, and DVD lessons.

During his high school education, unlike all children of his age, he focused on playing music at various events like TV shows, school competitions, festivals and played with cover bands, performing all over the country. As a partly self-taught guitarist at that point, he decided to extend his knowledge of the instrument and music in general, continuing his education at FMU (Faculty of Music Art – Skopje).

In 2016 Stefan, together with 3 other friend and colleagues formed an instrumental progressive metal band called “Spectrum”. They released their first album – “Hiraeth” April 20, 2018. Until now they have performed at many events, festivals, and concerts in the country and abroad. In 2017, he joined Damir Puh’s band as well, performing all over the country as well as internationally.

In 2019, he released his first album as a solo artist, titled “Architect of Reality”.

Currently, Stefan spends most of his time creating music for various projects and formats, inspired by different spheres often diametrically opposed from one another, continuously working on his craft, playing guitar, recording, and mixing. He also teaches guitar at Enterprise Music School, drinks a lot of coffee, pushes the metronome up to warp speeds and is a proud member of his latest adventure – Station: Innermost.

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence – Dream Theater. Eight crazy and different chapters in one (over 40 minutes) long song

Any kind of meat: Pork, beef, chicken, you name it

The whole Star Wars saga, but the ones that changed the way I think and the things I want to do in my life are Rock Star and Crossroads, the “guitar duel” scene from the movie in particular

All sorts of crazy music from different genres, but the main ones are progressive rock / metal bands like Rush, Dream Theater, Symphony X, The Neal Morse Band, all the way to modern acts like Haken, Devin Townsend, Plini etc… and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Being aware that in the world of creation the possibilities are endless. I find motivation in learning new stuff and listening to new bands and music that inspires me

I’m a big football fan, and I still play and watch football matches every now and then. Apart from that I like watching all kinds of movies, series, documentaries, and I’m a proud coffee fanatic as well! 🙂

The moment I saw Dream Theater – Score live DVD for the first time

The process of creating art, and coffee

Darko Fotinovski – bass guitar

Darko FotinovskiDarko Fotinovski is a bass player and songwriter from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. At the age of 12, he showed an interest in playing guitar. During high school, he joined the art department where he played guitar and bass guitar in several bands. With them, he participated at a number of events, competitions and television shows.

During that period, he formed the pop-punk band Never Mind, which recorded an EP and participated at Demo Fest. He later joined the punk-rock band Generiss as a bass player and they recorded their first album ‘On the Brink of Destruction’, and performed several concerts in the country and abroad.

In 2012 he enrolled at University “Goce Delchev” – Shtip, jazz studies department.

In 2016 he joined the band Fonija as a full-time member. They recorded two EPs: “Covek od Staklo” and “Mislev”. After Fonija’s first gig with Darko in Bitola, they quickly went on a Balkan tour. At the beginning of 2017, they performed on Zemjotres 5 festival and played live on Kanal 103 radio, releasing a live album under the name “103ka LP”. Their last performance was in June 2017 in Pula, Croatia at the Montparadiso Festival.

In early 2018 he joined Damir Puh’s band, playing several gigs for the “Recollection” album promotion run. Around that time the rest of the band discovered his passion for food, dogs, backing tracks and pro-audio gear.

From 2014 and onward, he is an active member of the cover band The Ringtones, where he regularly performs in Skopje and in several other cities throughout Macedonia. 

Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia

Onionsss…and everything else. Like seriously, EVERYTHING else!

Can’t name any bands but I always loved the blend of old school (80s & 90s) music with modern elements

Perfection is my direction even if that’s all I had

Handball, F1, working out, walking dogos, eating 🙂

The positive energy around me

 Dejan Apostolovski – drums

Dejan ApostolovskiDejan started his musical education at the age of 7, picking up the violin as his first instrument, while simultaneously learning to play electric guitar on his own. A few years later he switched to playing the drums, which remains his first instrument to this day. A big change, you might say, but for this young man, unpredictability and impulsiveness are features that follow him in every segment of his life and he proudly makes the decisions and takes the consequences of them.

At the age of 14, he had his first major performance at Rock Fest and Pivo Fest in Skopje, as a member of the punk rock band Pazarna Inspekcija. He continued his secondary music education in DMU Todor Skalovski Tetoec, drums and percussion department, continuing his studies at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje in 2015.

As a drummer, he has collaborated and performed with many artists on the Macedonian pop-rock scene, including Vlatko Ilievski, Bobi Mojsovski, Victoria Loba, performing at concerts and festivals throughout the country. He was also the drummer in Damir Puh’s solo band, as well as a current member of High Control.

Tesseract – Mirror Image

Ajvar, traditional Macedonian food

It’s definitely Meshuggah, Tesseract, Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Queensryche and many others!

Playing video games, choppers and tattoos

The first gig with my first band. I was eleven years old when we’ve started

Polyrhythms! 🙂